Knox VBS sees Jesus shining as the light of the world!

This week, Knox Church opened its doors to the community for another great Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme was Jesus as the “light of the world,” which took kids on a journey through the life, miracles, and sayings of our Savior. We started with Jesus’ birth, talked about how he never sinned, looked at his calling of the disciples, and even went with him as he calmed a storm on a raging lake!

Every day this week, kids ages 3 through 11 got to hang out with their friends (and make a few new ones!) as they went to different activity stations. There was art and crafts, snacks, gym, music, and story time to keep them busy. The youngest kids had their own set of activities such as coloring, blowing bubbles, and enjoying a bouncy house.

Knox Church’s volunteer team brought the gospel to the children through their love, patient leadership, and caring attention. We had a lot of opportunities this week for adults and older teens to “share their spiritual gifts” with the kids, whether it be baking in the kitchen, strumming tunes on guitars, or running around like a madman in the gym.

The crafts, games, and even the snacks that the kids enjoyed this week helped to reinforce the story of the day, whether it be eating Christmas cookies (for Jesus’ birth!), tie dying shirts with symbolic colors, or rounding up balloon “sheep” in the gym.

“The LORD is my light and my salvation,” Psalm 27:1 says. “So why should I be afraid?”

This is the message that Knox brought to the kids this week — our great God gives us every reason to feel secure and loved as we follow him.

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