About Knox

Originally called Kenmore United Presbyterian Church, Knox was founded when 11 Christians came together in a storefront in December 1926 to worship . The construction of a church building took over a year following that, with some members taking out a mortgage on their homes to pay for the sanctuary. Over the years, the church underwent renovations and expansions, the most recent of which was in 2000 when a new entrance, lobby, and office suite was built.

One detail that many visitors notice is that Knox’s building has a variety in look and layout. This is due to several expansions over the years, including the education wing, the gymnasium, and the new lobby area. Here’s another fun detail: Look up in the lobby and you’ll see that the skylight is laid out in the shape of a cross!

In 1968,  Kenmore Presbyterian changed its name to Knox Presbyterian in honor of the Scottish Reformer John Knox.  While Knox had been a long-standing member in the PCUSA denomination, in 2012 it left to join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), which provided a better fit for the church’s commitment to theological truth and the authority of scripture.

As a church body, Knox is devoted to missions and prayer. The church supports many missionaries around the world and meets on a regular basis to hold them, the community, and each other in prayer to the Lord. It also opens its doors to other churches and ministries to rent out its facilities in order to expand the kingdom of God.

Knox is anything but a quiet church! Almost every day, people are streaming through the building on various projects, ministries, and meetings. Located in the heart of Kenmore, Knox is easily accessible and involved in the life of the community.

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