How to pray the Lord’s Prayer

As we’ve finished up our series on The Lord’s Prayer, I thought it would be useful to recap how we use the format of this prayer to shape our own conversations with God. Let’s see how flexible and wonderful this template is:

“Our Father who is in heaven”

  • Begin by addressing the Father — YOUR dearest Father who knows and cares for you — with reverence and love

“Hallowed be your name”

  • Bless the name of God, that name upon which salvation is found and nowhere else
  • Bless the holiness of God, his austere perfection and purity
  • Desire his name to be revered and honored in your life — and in the lives of those around you as well

“Your kingdom come”

  • Look forward to the future where heaven comes fully to earth
  • Anticipate the coronation of Jesus in the presence of his saints
  • Bow to the king of heaven and pledge your loyalty to his cause

“Your will be done”

  • Pray that you would be able to obey God’s will in your life
  • Pray for the will of God to be extended across a lawless world
  • Ask for help to grow through his commands

“Give us this day our daily bread”

  • Bring your physical, emotional, financial, and mental needs to God, being content with the answer
  • Also bring your spiritual needs, leaving it up to God how He will answer you
  • Pray on behalf of others’ needs

“Forgive us our debts”

  • Confess your sins and contemplate your great debt that Jesus has forgiven
  • Desire to sin less in your walk with Jesus
  • Ask for help to forgive others in the spirit of Jesus’ forgiveness to you

“Protect us from evil”

  • Raise your concerns to God that sin inside of you and temptation outside will pull you away from him
  • Ask for his protection to safeguard and restrain you from sin
  • Throw yourself on his grace to guard you from Satan

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