Eight helpful tips for reading the Bible

Right now we’re in the middle of a six-week seminar series that I call “Savory Scripture” — learning how to read (and savor) the Bible the right way! These helpful tips and tricks can keep us from misinterpreting God’s Word and aid our understanding.

To catch you up, here are some of those tips from the three July sessions we’ve had so far. If this sounds interesting, join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the first three weeks of August!

Tip #1: Understand the genre of the Bible book you’re reading. We read and interpret history books in a much different way than poetry or letters!

Tip #2: Don’t be a “cherry picker” who only selects verses that agree with you and ignore or change the rest. God’s Word is to be read and understood as a whole.

Tip #3: Read the full passage — and even what’s before and after it — to get the full context for a verse!

Tip #4: Use a few trusted translations of the Bible instead of just one when you study a passage. My recommended versions are the ESV, NIV, and NASB.

Tip #5: Look up other verses and passages that are talking about the same subject you’re reading. Remember, the Bible doesn’t conflict with itself but illuminates these issues the more we study it.

Tip #6: Draw the true meaning out of a passage rather than putting your perspective and bias into verses. Ask yourself, what is the main point of this passage? What does God want all readers to know from these verses?

Tip #7: Read books of the Bible like, well, books! Start at the beginning and read through to the end. Don’t skip around, and you’ll be treated to a more cohesive narrative and train of thought.

Tip #8: Pray before reading the Scriptures that God may open your eyes and heart to the truth.

God bless you as you study His Word and may you find your faith growing by leaps and bounds the more you do so!

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