Save Our Ceiling campaign

In the book of Haggai, the Israelites were starting to return from exile to rebuild their lives back in Jerusalem. Yet God is not happy to see that they were more concerned about building beautiful homes for themselves while letting the destroyed temple rot: “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?”

The point wasn’t that God was obsessed about a physical building, but that he wanted his people to prioritize God over their own lives. God wanted to be foremost in their thoughts and efforts as they rebuilt Jerusalem, and that meant taking a run-down temple and transforming it into a worthy sanctuary once more.

This month, Knox Church is kicking off a campaign to take this house that God has given us and restore it in part. The church roof has fallen into great disrepair and needs fixing in order to make it through next winter — and those repairs will cost around $20,000. The hope is that these repairs will help sustain the building and protect the sanctuary long enough for the mortgage to be paid off and a plan to fully replace the roof go into action.

The “Save Our Ceiling” campaign asks Knox members to help contribute above and beyond normal tithes and offerings to some crucial building projects. We are hoping that this will be done through a combination of donations and creative fundraising ideas from our members. If we are able to raise beyond the $20,000 this year, other much-needed projects such as repairs to the boiler and a permanent sanctuary projector can take place.

Please keep this campaign in prayer, as we know that God does indeed provide from the bounty of his great storehouse. Knox can come together to make this happen, and I look forward to seeing what can be done when we honor God by restoring his place of worship and ministry.

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